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With our 💚 in Nova Scotia, aware that pollution continues to be a severe problem in the world. Ceci and Maxi decided to found MAC BIKE an ecological company that seeks to reduce the emission of greenhouse gasesContinue Reading



Buying an e-bike will change your life. This specific small change in your lifestyle will translate into bigger changes for your health. Riding an electric bicycle is considered one of the best options to resume physical activity as it will increase blood circulation, exercise the core muscles, relieve stress and release endorphins that bring joy to your body.
If you’ve tried to give up a sedentary lifestyle and add some physical activity, an electric bike is the best option and at
MAC BIKE we have the best affordable e-bikes in all of Canada.


Take advantage of
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  • prices
  • technology
  • The technology gives you the extra impulse you need to cover miles of distance with little effort.
  • You can also still take advantage of the multi-purpose cycle lane and paths that are traffic free, brilliant if you’re living in a city to slash your commute time.
  • These are getting more and more popular in cities as governments and councils urge people to give up their car.
  •  The bikes have been developed over the years and now look almost like a normal bike frame, with only the subtle ‘hum’ giving them away.
  • Take advantage of the lithe form and durability of an E-bike without anyone being the wiser!