With our 💚 in Nova Scotia, aware that pollution continues to be a severe problem in the world. Ceci and Maxi decided to found MAC BIKE an ecological company that seeks to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. We have different models of e-bikes at affordable prices that adapt to the needs of each client to move in short and medium distance routes.
At the same time you will be improving your health by doing physical exercise and you will not sweat too much thanks to the electric assistance, also you will not have expenses on gasoline and parking, offsetting the cost of the vehicle over time.


By riding a MAC BIKE you will be saving money, you will help our municipalities not be filled with cars and you will demonstrate your commitment against climate change.

Our goal is to reach the citizen who is mobilized to carry out their daily activities such as going to work, studying or simply enjoying a walk. As well as reaching the Public sector (Police, traffic inspectors, etc.) and the private sector.