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Electric Bike Maintenance

Clean your bike: After every ride, things like street dust. Salt is destructive, and sweat dripping onto your bike could cause problems. It is suggested to provide a quick cleaning of the bike frame to maintain the integrity of all parts and components.

Lube your chain: On the off chance that your electric bicycle has a conventional chain and variable-ratio transmission system, you ought to lube your chain before and after each ride or each couple of rides. Doing such after each ride enables the lube to absorb and enter into the chain.

Brakes every 800 Kilometres: The most vital segment on your bicycle is frequently found amongst the most disregarded. Regardless of whether you have the disc or rim brakes, guaranteeing they are effectively balanced with a lot of padding on the cushions is pivotal. Check to make sure that your cushions reach the rotor or rim in the right spot and do not come into contact with the tire.
On the off chance that your hydro-brakes feel light or don’t clasp until the switch pulls back onto your fingers or contacts the handlebar, it is the ideal opportunity for a brake drain (brake bleeding). This process is one best left to the specialists at your neighbourhood bicycle shop. Taking your bicycle in for a brake check every 3 months to a half year, contingent upon the amount you are riding can dramatically affect your electric bike’s performance.

Wheels every 800 Kilometres: Notwithstanding your brakes, your wheels ought to go through a thorough inspection each 3-6 months or so to guarantee they are true and tensioned properly. At home, you can check the general soundness of your wheels by pressing the spokes to check whether or not every one of the spokes has comparative pressure.
Spokes which are found to be loose will inevitably end up breaking, causing an undesirable wobble in the rim and the potential for calamitous disappointment to come.

Bearings and other moving parts every 2400 kilometers: In any case, at least once every riding season, you should adjust most of the moving parts of your electric bike. Inside your headset, hubs, bottom bracket, and suspension pivots (if you have them) are bearings that don’t get along with the ground and dirt.
These should be cleaned, lubricated, replaced if vital, and torqued on a regimen to the appropriate specifications with the ultimate goal of keeping your bike running like new.

Suspension every 2400 Kilometer: On the off chance that your bicycle is equipped with suspension, either front or full, you ought to consider taking it in for suspension adjustments at least once per season. If left unhindered, the muck and grime will solidify and conceivably cause harm to the suspension’s internal operations. Keep your bicycle delivering luxurious journeys by addressing your suspension maintenance needs routinely.

Battery Maintenance:
Keep your lithium battery charged.
Keep your electric bike battery clean and dry.
Keep your lithium batteries cool.

Final Tips:

✅ Keep your electric bike clean. In the event that it is conceivable, clean it after each ride.

✅ Don’t utilize a power wash or anything of the sort, as this can push out oil greasing up the bearings. It will likewise pack water into the internals which thus will erode basic segments.

✅ If utilizing a powerful hose be mindful so as to not stream water excessively near the center bottom brakets, hubs, headset or anyplace else that is regularly lubed throughout.

✅ Use a quality oil to keep the chain greased subsequent to cleaning, and ensure it isn’t left dry. Use wet lube in the winter and dry lube in the late spring. (Wet lube remains wet, dry lube, well dries).

✅ When the bicycle isn’t being used, attempt to keep it in a dry place away from exposure to weather.

✅ Keep the tires inflated appropriately. This will avoid uneven tire wear, and will likewise make your life less demanding as the bicycle will move with less opposition. Thusly, the engine will be working less and the range will be broadened.